Exhibiting the Artistic Work of Adi Da Samraj

And Featuring Selected Works From
The Limited Editions Portfolio 2006

Recognized as one of the most extraordinary Spiritual Masters of our time, Adi Da Samraj is also an accomplished artist and scholar. In the creation of His Images, Adi Da explored new forms of digital technology to produce complex and sophisticated images embodying his religious and philosophical Teachings. His “Transcendental Realism" is an immersive display of monumental, boldly colored, and powerfully structured images.

Whatever appearance one of my images may have relative to some kind of familiar subject matter, it always goes beyond that to this primary event—the transcendental comprehension of Reality Itself. Such comprehension is a process that those entering into My Art can feel both tacitly and most profoundly.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The images in the 2006 limited-edition portfolio have been culled from several suites produced by Adi Da Samraj over a period of two years while residing in spiritual retreat in Fiji and Hawaii.

This portfolio forcefully exemplifies Adi Da Samraj’s mastery of the photographic multiple-exposure on a single film negative. No digital overlaying was used in the composition of any of these root-images.